Gymkhana 2024

Draft Horse Gymkhana 2024

Gymkhana is an equestrian event with timed games and patterns accomplished by a horse and rider.

The terms originates in India but its meaning has changed over time and is now used for "games on horseback." The best known Gymkhana timed speed events are barrel racing and pole bending but there are many other challenging and fun events including keyhole race, turn and burn, ball drop and flag race.

All of these events are designed to display rider and horse control and teamwork. There are different classes of riders to allow all ages and levels of riders to compete at the speed level they are most capable of, and comfortable with.

Cash Back Gymkhana 2024 Dates

Start Time: 11am

Call 802 372 8491 or email for more information

COST:$40 cash or cheque, $42 Paypal or charge ( to cover fees)


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